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Passengers are usually travelling in Business all over the world which include when they do business in Vancouver.Wondering how they survive to get through that long-haul flight,jet lag and Red eye for most passengers. Let me help you deal with that problems.We offer different type of service the way you want it in your situation. This page is gonna help you find many option as much as possibly for your conveniency and total relaxation ,select one of your favorite service in our menus that you are interested the most, because every Businessmen experience is different and unique.If you asked for a Massage theraphy or Social time,thats what you gonna get without hassle. We offer outcall and you may allowed to book for inflight when is available in Vancouver on the same day of your visit. Please note if this is your first time using our service passenger must engage in role-playing positions on a Mile High Club Experience, without worries of getting caught having sex on a flight in the real world.
if you already done so, great!!!

When you book for outcall you may allowed to pat down the flight attendant as she arrive,and she is allowed to pat down your body during
inflight service, and will treat you like a baby bring you blanket and refreshments.We normally served mini wine bottle,snacks for
2 hrs flight duration and more sexy outfits.

If money is no object,your flight attendant are the best of the best,which result
in better service with more personalized attention and will probbaly thrown in a few extra miles without additional cost.
(not always).We have same-day service priority booking in Business class with 2 hour notice daily and on Sunday and may extend their
service to Red Eye Flight after midnight if they wish.Seat Discount fares not offers in Business Class,we have something
better for you , be kindly visit the website from time to time to get the best deals use CUOPONS promotion offer when
we posted on the website, (Vancouver only and cuopon not offer for the Economy Class)If you already our VIP CREW your
normal rates will not effect your status.

Plents you landed y of our foreign passengers multiply over the years,our Vip Crew and current members think its
all about being yourself,the intimacy and a little romance not just all about sex, this is an Entertainment has
supposed to be.Join the team as you landed, boarding with passions allows you to share your sexual journey, I look forward
to welcome , hug and kissed you when i arrive, yeah! what happens in Vancouver stay in Vancouver, have a great flight.


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