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Hey Guys,

I have seen this lady twice on trips to Vancouver. she is also listed as one of Carmen Foxes ladies:

Looks: (7) She is an older asian lady with good looks and a good body

Service: (8) She is very enthusiastic and good at her service: lots of M*** & positions, good ***Only down side is that she really likes to talk....which seems to be translated into her website. overall YMMV especially if you like lots of conversation.

Attitude: (9): She is super nice and super accommodating. I will certainly see her next time I am in Vancouver.

Hope this helps


Regina Crew since 2011



Mile High Flight Attendant Evangelista
This was quite an experience.

Very creative effort to simulate fantasy session with flight
attendant. All the items found on boarding available (first class!)

Very generous with time and creature comforts. All positions on the
menu. No abuse! Keep your seat belt on during turbulence which is sure
to happen en route.

The web site seems complicated but in reality very simple. Just choose
your booking time and duration. Rates are clearly spelled out as is
contact email and telephone number.

Really liked the incentive plan. Marketing skills impressive as was the journey.

If you are in to having some fun outside the regular session routine
this booking is a must!

Captain MGM


Parksville Executive Crew 2014

Evangelista Review on perb.cc - March/ 2014



UPDATE-Four years later AFFA returns to mid Vancouver Island. How is she now? As good as they said in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Regina, and Victoria plus Vince V and Wyatt in 2009-2010? 

Actually she was near here multi times and I was not aware. Or aware but unable to time it right as in Oct 2013 her last trip here. AFFA says her BP Advts now getting blocked. So she sends me a special invitation by email. Her creative but complex website baffles me. The "Menu" is no help. Some photos seem historical. On the phone I keep it simple. She is responsive and I book my first flight next afternoon. Fares 2C/60 or 2.5C/90 seem little changed(fm previous reports). Next day I have no wheels for 50 min drive so on phone AffA says "OK tomorrow". Next day I phone to confirm 2hrs ahead and she says "want to come early?" "Sure, fine with me". 

When I get there she has a room on a multi hotel strip in a 3 star place. Better nearby. Big smile and hug at door. Room is OK and AFFA looks smashing so I opt for the 90m flight. She is in royal blue, also navy, my favorite colours, with black sockings and garterbelt. Glimpse of bare bum between the blue and black. I forgot to ask for bare legs...my preference. I also forgot the wine and so did AFFA. Probably fortunate...booze does not make sex better or driving safe. Share her snacks and my chocolate. I get the MHAL body security scan and the preflight briefing. Some ritual! Lots of fantasy fun. We get some clothes off. AFFA is so pretty, black hair, dark brown eyes and rich skin tan. Body compact, petite, nice boobs and prominent responsive nipples. Luscious butt. Very small body art on...you guess. A bit of a pot to match mine. Candles burning. Puts my mood music on her CD player. Gets her feather going at tickle and tease. We do that two-way. She likes to darken the room more and proceed unrushed. Likes to touch and be touched all over. Majic hands ...full body massage great. Plenty of oil & lube. Gets erotic. Reciprocal HJ and digits. AFFA good at mutual coaching. On top of me for DATY/69/CBJ. Amazing rythym and intensity for first encounter. The Mish and Doggie are devine. More HJ and I go off. We cuddle and chat and I shower. Very non-rushed still. No greek. No prostate massage but try your luck on that if you want to. Toys there but not needed. Very restrained FK is for me disappointing but she delivers so much that I can't complain.

Now you have an idea of her menu. She likes older men and everyone who treats her with respect. Other old reviews have said "royal treatment" "pampering of your life", "non-stop attention", "superb looks", "fantastic service". I concur. Outstanding ride! Worth the wait. A sweet "MILF" or "YUMMIE MUMMIE" if you like. 

Would you delete the historical photos(brown hair) from the website AFFA?


Victoria Business Crew 2014

Victoria 2014



Wanting to try something a little different, I opted for Evangelista, the fiery Asian flight attendant, who offers air hostess role play. I saw she was in Vancouver at the same time I was so I contacted her through her web site. There's a lot there to wade through, which was both intriguing and confusing at the same time, but I decided to make the plunge anyway. http://www.erslist.com/female-escort...eme_yvr-367869

We met at her Richmond hotel incall after a slight delay for her getting checked in. She gave me some refreshments and some flight info while got herself dressed in one of her flight attendant outfits while I stripped down and put on a silk robe she provided. The flight started with a security demonstration and then a closeup frisk to make sure I wasn't carrying anything dangerous. 

We moved onto the bed where she gave me a nice relaxing massage while I helped her out of her uniform once piece at a time. She's a petit Filipino MILF (early to mid-40s?), not a spinner, with B cups and nice large ni**** The pics on her website are definitely her (if you can find them) although they look like they might be a few years old. 

After some mutual groping, I started on some DATY on her and the flight plan was pretty much out the window other than some plane-based dirty jokes we traded back and forth. From there, we switched to covered oral on me and then 69 (no digits, though). We tried a few positions and then she finished me of with a covered bj.

Since there was time left, we chatted and she continued the massage. I'm not sure if MSOG was available but I sensed she would go another round if I pressed it. It was very unhurried and she said she tries not to be a clockwatcher unless there was another appointment on the way. Damage was $220 for one hour and I think she only sees men over 40. Price is a little high but worth it if you like to play along with the flight ga



Mile High Member since 2009



After a few emails and text back and forth I was able to set a time to meet this little Asian beauty.

I can say her services are fantastic and her looks are superb. Evangelista does everything in her power to make you feel great. Full GFE with


Birthday Tour 2012

Red Deer


Asian Fiery Flight Attendant

Joined the Mile High Club recently with a visit to Evangelista, The Asian Fiery Flight Attendant, man what a trip that was!!
This woman is totally and I mean totally into the “Flight Attendant” theme to the max.
Experiencing that is almost worth the price of admission itself! This woman dresses and acts the part of a somewhat naughty flight attendant throughout the session and you have to experience it to understand what it is all about.
She plays the part from the very first contact be it email, text or phone and it continues pretty much throughout until you deplane, er, I mean leave the incall.
If you are into role play, does not matter how good you are at it, or have a thing for flight attendants ( I do!), or Asian MILF ( I do) you will not be disappointed.
If you have ever taken a trip on a jet with flight attendants, that is what you get, except with a somewhat naughty, teasing attendant.

Evangelista, does a very elaborate set up and she really gets into the role play, lol. You get there, and it’s best just to sit back and enjoy the role play and go along with it, was quite a hoot for me. She will guide you through it, just take it for what it is, she does all the work, you just play along. I had some back and forth with her for the past week, so the stage was set by the time we met and we had an idea of each other’s personality. Once you make it to the Captain's chair and get your seatbelt on, you are set for take off.

She has a nice body, yummy ass btw, is pretty with long hair, does a nice mature GFE, and keeps the role play going throughout the trip. She has those typical 2-3 smartie high nipples that stay hard throughout once you get going. She was a warm, wet, really nice fit for me and she was enthusiastic during the session. Oh, a nice handful of a yummy ass, if I have not already mentioned it. It was a GFE session, but she only does a LFK, not DFK and mine was a CBJ, not BBBJ with generous BLS, at least that was my experience..........perhaps YMMV and this may change with future sessions? All that is fine with me, not a deal breaker in my books and everyone has their comfort zone. Multiple DATY was enjoyed by both of us during the session. A couple times I thought that I would suffocate between her thighs, what a way to go though. Nice natural lubrication noted and a nice warm hug for the little guy, that was nice. When the session gets to the good stuff, she goes with the flow and enjoys some back and forth banter during the session. 

When the session was over, had a shower and was assisted in getting dressed (AM SOPAM touch), we chatted for a bit, said some goodbyes and I deplaned a bit later than scheduled, but with a big assed grin on my face. Price for a 90 minute ride was $$$ for a first visit of less than 2 hrs, but there is a sliding scale with multiple visits as per the website. As has been stated by others, her website is somewhat difficult to navigate, but the information is there if you look.

Looks: She is a 40ish MILF with a great body for her age, all natural. She is about 5’ 2”, 120#, long reddish/brown hair, pretty, natural breasts with 2 smartie high nipples, a nice plump ass, if you are an ass man and some really nice stems. She takes care of herself and it shows, she is a nicely put together MILF.

Attitude: Asian women are known for a caring attitude and great service and Evangelista gets 5 out of 5 from me, a well done GFE in my opinion. She does the “naughty flight attendant” role play and she is a hoot if you go with the flow. If you just want to get in, get off and get out, she is NOT the girl for you. She is very personable, polite, friendly, funny and very sensual, and will look after all your needs and more. Being a mature SP, she is about looking after your needs and goes the extra mile to ensure you have fun and receive good VFM.

Service: Quirky role play to begin with, then into a sensual, romantic, hot, safe GFE session. I suspect that a diverse menu is available, especially with multiple visits. This was my first visit which I regard as more of a meet and greet with the lady I am seeing. From this I decide if she is a lady that I want to see more often and I am enthusiastic to see what this sensual MILF has in store for future sessions. 

Summary: An early 40’s Asian MILF with a yummy body, she takes care of herself and it shows.. Evangelista has a great attitude, does a quirky role play and delivers a sensual GFE session. She delivers a sensual, romantic, safe GFE session which may be more or less, YMMV. She does not visit too often, Red Deer only once, maybe twice a year, so book early if you want to see her when she is here. 

If you are into a romantic, sensual GFE session with a MILF, I would suggest you book with this sweet lady. Depending on when and where she pops up in Alberta, I would make a trip to Calgary or Edmonton for a session with her and would see her when she next comes to Red Deer. I consider her to be superior VFM.




Mile High Member Since 2011

Winnipeg Captain


Full Service, Erotic Massage, Lingerie Show
I am a regular client now
GFE (Girl Friend Experience)

YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary), Non-Smoker, Long Hair, Full Service, DATY, Kissing, Non rush, Shaved p***** On time for appointment


I've had the pleasure of several terrific "flights" with Evangelista, the Asian Fiery Flight Attendant. As advertised, she is a somewhat older SP, but she wears it very well.
Evangelista, who's Filipina, has a taught body that features great legs, perky B sized breasts with lovely nipples, and a delicious shaved kitty.
She has a great sense of fun and adventure, and really strives to make your time with her memorable.
If you're looking for someone who brings passion and excitement to what they do, and does what they say they will do, then you won't be disappointed.


One very happy frequent flyer

















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